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Would You like the World’s Perfect Kitchen?

We’re all about You Getting Exactly What You Really Want, Expect, and are Entitled to!

The World’s Perfect Kitchen!

It has to Work, it has to Last, and it has to Feel it’s Made Just For You!

You’re in the right place!

If You DON’T want a New kitchen just To Replace your Old one. If You DON’T Want To Settle with whatever you get and make do.

Wait…isn’t that exact what you did when you bought your home and inherited the dated dysfunctional kitchen you now want to replace?

Do you remember adapting to your new home’s kitchen when you moved in?

Remember, standing in your new kitchen, for what seemed like hours, trying to figure out where all of your stuff was going to go? Then in frustration putting all your kitchen items wherever they fit. Telling yourself that as long as you know where everything is you’ll make do!

Now you’re a slave to your kitchen because you’re the only one that knows where everything is!

Unfortunately, If you take the usual approach to your Kitchen Design that is exactly what you’ll end up with. A kitchen not much different than your old one, but in a Brand New wrapper! And you’ll have to adapt to your new kitchen just like you did with your old one.

You can’t call that the World’s Perfect Kitchen!

Not even close! A new kitchen not much different than your old one is not what you’re hoping for. If you knew before hand that’s where you’d end up would you still want to go there? Probably not, in Frustration you’ll wish you had done this kitchen project differently.

My Story

My name is Joe Brandao and I was a client trying to figure out my first kitchen remodel back in 1995, before getting into the business of designing kitchens to be perfect and founding The Kitchen Design Company in 1997.

So I have a Unique Perspective on how clients are treated by the Kitchen Industry. And it’s rarely ever to the consumers’ advantage. Not maliciously, it’s just not how the Kitchen Industry Works.

I went from Thrilled with my new kitchen to Extremely Dissapointed and that quickly!

And I lived with my dissapointment and was reminded every day until we sold and moved in 2001, fortunately just six years later.

I didn’t make the same mistakes the second time, and here is an opportunity for you to learn from my mistakes. So you don’t have to live with yours for as long as you’re in your home!

So why do you really want a new kitchen?

What’s really in it for you? What do you really want to get? Everyone has different reasons why they want a new kitchen. Over the last twenty years I’ve found out by interviewing hundreds of people in the luxury market for a new kitchen. By Digging Deep below the surface of replacing Old with New, that everyone has different reasons why they want a new kitchen.

Because, no two kitchens and clients are the same, have the same kitchen performance problems, wants, needs, taste, style, or emotional desires they want satisfied. In order to get what they’re really after.

So What do we all have in Common?

Even though what we all want is Different in our version of the World’s Perfect Kitchen. What we all have in common is we all want access to a new, different, better, easier life than we live in our existing home’s kitchen now. We want to improve our home and make it uniquely our own so we can improve our lives in it!

Think about it…Your new life that’s waiting for you on the other side of your new kitchen project. Imagine it.  Imagine how your life will be after your new kitchen project is done.

Is it a new, different, better, easier life than you live now in your existing home’s kitchen? Or is it a similar life to the one you live now?

If you want your new kitchen to deliver your new life.

The life you really want and expect. Become a subscriber to Inside The Perfect Kitchen. You’ll discover what you need to do to get yours!

New Kitchen = New Life in the World’s Perfect Kitchen!

Joe Brandao

The Kitchen Design Company

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