What We Do

We will also accurately price your kitchen project. Pricing you will get from us will be based on the Kitchen we have designed together, and will include the management services we provide.
And the best part is…if you decide on hiring us we will deduct the Design Fee you have paid from the cabinetry cost. This is a tremendous savings for you and by now you will feel confident you will be getting exactly the Kitchen you want.

The Services We Provide:

Project Management: to keep in touch with and answer questions from your general contractor and trades people working from our drawings.
Site visits:  to field measure for accuracy, attend job site meetings, to check rough plumbing & electrical, to check construction progress, for cabinetry delivery and beginning of installation, for counter top template, for counter top delivery and installation, for designer walk through, and for final inspection.
Scheduling: For ordering cabinetry, accessories, appliances, counter tops, delivery of cabinetry, accessories, appliances, and counter tops.
Shopping: With you to select counter top material. And if requested select appliances and plumbing fixtures, and specialty hardware.
Completed Construction Drawings: Also Include (click to see drawings):
Plumbing & Electrical Drawing
Suggested Lighting Drawing
Detail drawings as needed for custom cabinetry & accessories
Hardware Location Drawings
Appliance List and Specifications
Our “Green Folders”: Distributed to you, your contractor and all parties necessary (which includes all of the above drawings & specifications)
Cabinetry installation: By one of our fully insured installers
Our manufactures lifetime warrantee
And as the owners, we are always there for you when you need us.
We proudly represent William Ohs Custom Cabinetry and Homestead Custom Built Cabinetry and both are manufactured here in the USA.
We will help you design your own high performance forever kitchen where ever you are in the country.
Call or email us to discuss and discover how we can help you. Get much better performance and greater value from your kitchen project’s design. 
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